Outdoor Garden Awning Installation : Northwood.

Our client recently contacted us as they were keen to have a retractable patio awning installed to provide shade and cool down their living space in the warmer summer months. This installation features the Corsica Patio Awning. The Corsica is a stylish and versatile patio awning available in a wide range of fabrics and cassette finishes designed to meet the needs of your home and garden. The Corsica is a Semi Cassette Awning which means that is protected by a casing when not in use.

Having browsed through our range, our client selected the following:

  • Remote controlled operation
  • Graphite – Cassette Finish
  • LED Lights
  • Fabric Shade: Aveena.

Our client has chosen the fabric shade Aveena to blend in with their patio doors and has opted for an electronic awning, to operate the awning with comfort and ease.

To find out more Contact Us or browse our range of Patio Awnings below:

Palladio Awning

  • All Weather Proof Retractable awning
  • Equipped with a drop-down valance
  • Made-to-Measure Service
  • Manual and Electric Operation

Corsica Awning

  • Semi Cassette Patio Awning
  • All Weatherproof
  • Available with LED Lights
  • Made to Measure

Jamaica Awning

  • Non-Cassette Terrace Awning
  • Designed for Restaurants, Shops, and Cafes
  • Manual and Electric Operation
  • Made to Measure