What are the benefits of Glass-fronted Gas Fires?:

When it comes to heating your home, gas fires have long been a popular choice. They not only add warmth and cosiness to your living space but also create a welcoming ambiance. However, not all gas fires are equal, open-fronted styles often lack efficiency which affects their performance. Therefore, a glass-fronted gas fireplace is ultimately a better choice, We’ve outlined the main benefits of glass-fronted gas fires in comparison to open-fronted fires below: 

Efficiency : 

 Efficiency is essential when it comes to gas fires, In simple terms ‘efficiency’ refers to the peak level of performance that uses the least amount of input to achieve the highest amount of output. Glass Fronted Gas Fires achieve a higher efficiency and heat output compared to Open Fronted Gas Fires because they are designed with sealed glass panels, this essentially means there is less heat loss up the chimney and the entire combustion of the gas fire works more effectively as a result. With this in mind, with glass-fronted gas fires, you can expect to see an energy efficiency of up to 90%. Whereas, open fronted gas fires achieve a rating of around 70%. 


Although the initial costs of having a glass-fronted gas fire installed are higher than an open-fronted gas fire, the long-term savings are significant.  Glass-fronted gas Fires are known for their high efficiency and this can of course lead to saving on your energy bills. More Heat will come into your room and not up the chimney meaning you could save up to 55% on your gas bills. Furthermore, all Glass Fronted Gas fires We supply also come with a thermostatic remote. This allows you to easily adjust the flame setting preventing overuse and excessive energy consumption.  With this in mind, a glass-fronted gas fire is an obvious choice if you wish to save on your energy bills. 

Aesthetically pleasing;

Saving on Your energy bills is ideal. However, creating a focal point for your living space is arguably more important. At Rigby’s, we supply and install a wide range of glass-fronted gas fireplaces no matter what size or style you like we’re sure to have the perfect gas fireplace for you and your home. 


Not only are glass-fronted gas fireplaces visually appealing they are also safer compared to open-fronted styles. There are a couple of reasons why glass-fronted gas fires are safer. Firstly, with a gas fire that has a protective glass panel, there is no risk of coming into contact with open flames, this is particularly useful if you have young children or pets. Secondly, any harmful emissions from a room-sealed, glass-fronted gas fire are expelled up into the chimney or flue, rather than coming out into your room. This means that you are at less risk of breathing waste gases with a glass-fronted fire compared to an open-fronted appliance.

Overall a glass-fronted gas fire is a smart investment for many homeowners, they not only keep you warm and cosy but can also help you save on your energy bills.  To find out more please do not hesitate to get in touch either by clicking on the contact us button below or by calling our expert sales team on 02088687899