What are the Benefits of Electric Fires?:

There is no doubt that the popularity of electric fireplaces has increased over the years, They create a warm and inviting ambience and can be installed in a variety of different ways.

Some electric fireplaces also do not require a chimney breast and can be very easily installed on any property. If you are looking to create a focal point in your home, an electric fireplace could just be the answer

We’ve outlined some of the main benefits of Electric Fireplaces below:

  • Easy Installation : 

One of the biggest advantages of electric fireplaces in comparison to wood burning or  Gas fireplaces is the installation process. Luckily electric fireplaces do not require a flue or chimney breast so they can be easily installed into every home. 

Most electric fireplaces just require an electric outlet, some manufacturers offer a ‘flat wall installation’ so no masonry work is necessary! There are also electric stoves to consider. These types of electric appliances are free-standing, so can be plugged into any socket, and moved to any room when required.

  • Maintenance: 

Although having a wood-burning stove can be great they often require a lot of maintenance !, with chimney sweeps or services required annually. Electric fireplaces require no materials or maintenance. 

Electric Fireplaces do not require any coals or logs, making them a great choice for homeowners who want to enjoy the warmth and ambiance of a fireplace without the hassle of buying and storing materials.

  • Efficiency:

Electric fireplaces are incredibly efficient, converting 100% of their energy into heat. Gas fireplaces, while still effective at warming a room, can only convert 70-90% of their energy into usable heat. 

An electric fireplace can help you save money on your heating bill during winter. Electric fireplaces use less electricity than your home’s heating system, costing only cents per hour.  An Electric Fire can cost just 83 to run per evening: https://www.stovax.com/howlittle/

  • Versatility: 

Electric Fireplaces are very versatile, an electric fireplace without a doubt creates a focal point for a room making the space more cosy.

Electric fireplaces come in a variety of different shapes and sizes, designed to meet the needs of every home, from a traditional electric stove that replicates a wood-burning stove to a contemporary media wall that creates a fantastic feature for contemporary homes. 

All Electric fireplaces also come with a choice of fuel bed settings and different flame effects. The contemporary ‘Hole in the Wall’ electric fireplaces can be installed with mood lighting kits so the effect can be adjusted to whatever you desire. The possibilities with electric fireplaces are endless. 

  • Safety: 

Unlike wood burning  stoves and gas fireplaces, the glass on electric fireplaces does not get hot, therefore if you are concerned about young children or pets, an electric fireplace could be an ideal solution. 

An electric fire is equipped with a 2KW fan heater that does not omit any fumes or smoke. Therefore, there is also no need to worry about any fumes or smoke coming into your room.

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