Pot, Cowl and Bird-guard Installation

The main reasons customers wish for us to install a Cowl or bird-guard are Downdrafts pushing fumes back into the room, Birds nesting on the top of the chimney pot, rain coming down the chimney and to make the Chimney pull better on shorter flues. With vast experience in this area we are sure to recommend the best terminal for your situation we would be happy to provide a free quotation to anywhere in London or the South East.

Chimney Sweeping

Chimney sweeping is a necessary safety precaution for any solid fuel appliance whether it be an open fire or a wood burning stove. The service includes sweeping the chimney to remove build up of soot this prevents:

  • Damage to the chimney lining
  • Blockages building up in the flue.
  • Soot falling down into the room throughout the year.

If a chimney is not swept regularly then there is a real risk of chimney fires or fumes being pushed into the room. We have qualified chimney sweeps in our staff at all times and provide service for the whole of the South East and London.

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