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Palladio Awning

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Product Details:

The Palladio is a semi-cassette awning, designed to cover patio areas. The Palladio construction is made of extruded aluminum which ensures the strength and durability of the awning. Our awnings are engineered to provide protection from adverse weather conditions all year round, from light rain showers to harmful UV Rays.

*Prices start from £1200 exc Vat. All prices vary depending on size and model.

Key Features

Quiet Operation

Electric Drive

Smart Home System


Protection from the Sun

Easy Assembly

Palladio: Semi Cassette Awning

Rigby’s Awnings are aesthetically pleasing and will add great value to your property. With over 100 different fabric options to choose from our team of experts will help you choose the awning that is right for you and your home. All our awnings come with a built-in wind sensor which can retract automatically depending on the weather conditions.

Techinical Specifactions :


Electric Drive

Manual Drive

Maximum Width

Maximum Projection


Tilt Angle










150 Patterns



Acrylic Fabrics

Acrylic fabrics guarantee the highest quality of the product, ensuring thermal comfort and protection against UV radiation. Made of 100% acrylic fibre dyed in chemical solution, they provide excellent protection against colour loss.

Waterproof Fabrics

Waterproof acrylic fabrics are characterized by increased resistance to leaking ~ 1000 mm of water column height. Weave structure together with modern impregnation technology provides high air permeability even on hot days.


Valance C

A decorative valance with an edge in the shape of a regular sine wave is the best option for fans of traditional solutions. It is often chosen for striped fabrics that we associate with the classic style of awnings. The maximum height of the valance is 40 cm.

Valance D

A decorative valance with regular semicircular edges. In combination with patterned fabrics, it will give the awning a classic look, while single-coloured materials will add Mediterranean lightness. The maximum height of the valance is 40 cm.

Valance E

This most popular simple valance finish is perfect for plain covers. In the case of commercial use this straight valance can provide additional branding space as an advertising medium. The maximum height of the valance is 50 cm.


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