A Professional Patio Awning Installation in Stanmore.

Palladio Semi Cassette Awning Installation – Stanmore

The Palladio Semi Cassette patio awning is designed to extend your outdoor living space by providing the perfect shading solution and protection from adverse weather conditions.

For this customer we supplied and installed The Palladio Semi Cassette Awning – (6.2M x 2.6M)  with a manual control finish fabric shade: Padova.

Our Awnings fabrics include over 150 different shades from classic stripes to neutral tones, allowing you to pick one that suits both you and your home setting.

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Our Range of Retractable Patio Awnings:

Palladio Awning

  • All Weather Proof Retractable awning
  • Equipped with a drop-down valance
  • Made-to-Measure Service
  • Manual and Electric Operation

Corsica Awning

  • Semi Cassette Patio Awning
  • All Weatherproof
  • Available with LED Lights
  • Made to Measure

Jamaica Awning

  • Non-Cassette Terrace Awning
  • Designed for Restaurants, Shops, and Cafes
  • Manual and Electric Operation
  • Made to Measure