Gazco Studio 3 Open Fronted Contemporary Gas Fire Installation- Northwood

The finished result in this project epitomises minimalist, clean, contemporary design. Not only providing a focal point to the room but also an element of luxury design with a solid marble chimney breast finished with a Gazco Studio 3 Open Fronted Gas Fire with Black Granite Lining.

Behind the marble frontage however is a very complex installation of a 7″ Stainless Steel Twin-wall Flue System which runs through the two story property to the roof. A Twin-Wall Flue System is required for Conventional Flue Gas Fires when there is no original chimney breast/flue in situ, this can often be expensive to install and for anyone wishing to install such a flue system we strongly advise that you speak to an expert and request a home survey to get a clear understanding of what is required.

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