Open Gas Fire and Wooden Fireplace Surround Installation- Watford

Anyone who has ever been involved in a building will agree that it’s fair to say that it doesn’t always go to plan and this case was no exception.

Initially our customer wanted to update their living room with the addition of an Inset Wood Burning Stove finished with a Wooden Fireplace Surround in what would be a modern meets traditional finish. However upon removing the existing fireplace and opening up the chimney breast it very quickly became apparent that an Inset Stove would not be going into this fireplace.

Luckily however with an existing gas supply at hand we were able to very quickly find a replacement and we hope you will agree that the results here are absolutely fantastic and possibly even better than our original plan.

Therefore, here we have a:

  • Focus Beamish Wooden Fireplace Surround in Waxed Oak
  • Capital Omega Open Fronted Gas Fire in Matt Black
  • Black Slate Hearth, Boxed and Lipped & Black Slate Slips

Hopefully from this you will learn that even if your fireplace installation does not go to plan, we will always do our absolute best to find something that is not only suitable to your needs but also maintains our high levels of finish.

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