Fireplace and Wood Burning Stove Installation- Ruislip

We absolutely love getting our teeth into a new project and this customer certainly knew exactly what she was looking for through extensive research on various social media platforms.

The overall design that our customer wanted to achieve was a marriage between Art Deco and the clean lines of a contemporary finish. As you can see we all feel that we have managed to pull it off quite successfully with the contrast between stove and mantelpiece. As here we have:

  • Capital Mentmore 44″ Fireplace Surround in Aegean Limestone
  • Fireline WoodTec 5 Wood Burning Stove with Plinth
  • Made To Measure 70mm Riven Slate Hearth
  • Plain Black Chamber

Considering how good it looks now, we can only imagine the impact it will have once it is lit!

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