Fireplace & Wood Burning Stove Installation- Gerrards Cross

You know when you just have to have something…. This is exactly how our customer felt when they came into our showroom to look at the fireplaces we have on display. The most significant challenge in their particular case however was that they didn’t have an existing chimney breast in their house.

This makes the task much more challenging.

Therefore, what was required here was not just what you can see in terms of a standard fireplace and wood burning stove installation Before this a Twin-wall Flue System had to be installed which would run from the top of the stove, out through the exterior wall and up to the top of the house. This is necessary in order to vent the waste fumes from your stove and works exactly like how a conventional chimney breast would. Once the system was installed a false chimney breast was built to conceal the flue system in the living room (not always necessary) before we could get to the fun part of installing the Fireplace and Stove.

In this installation we have a:

  • Capital Barrington Eco2022 5kW Multi-Fuel Stove (Also available in white)
  • Capital Swinford 48″ Fireplace Surround in Corinthian Stone
  • Rustic Brick Chamber
  • Honed Granite Hearth & Back Hearth

You can see from the image why this customer was so desperate to have it!

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