Fireplace & Gas Fire Installation- Twickenham, South West London

Every installation project provides it’s own unique challenge and this installation required careful planning to say the least. Not only was the installation tying in with a complete house re-furb but the customer also did not have an existing chimney breast. As the saying goes ‘no chimney, no problem’ and therefore we recommended the installation of a Flue-less Gas Fire as an ideal choice for this couple, who also did not have the option of installing a Twin-wall Flue.

A flue-less gas fire produces slightly less heat output than a standard gas fire with 2.5kW but is 100% efficient, therefore no heat is wasted!

Therefore as you can see from the image we have installed a:

  • Made to Measure Capital Astwick 48″ Fireplace Suite in Corinthian Stone
  • Burley Perception Flue-less Gas Fire

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