Fireplace and Gas Fire Installation- Watford, Hertfordshire

One of the most common questions we get asked by customers is, ‘can I install my TV above my fire?’

The answer is most certainly yes, however there are a number of factors you must consider in the process. In order to safely install both appliances your TV must be either recessed into the wall or a spacer is required in between your fire and your TV to protect it from prolonged heat exposure.

We believe that the fireplace in this installation is the perfect answer as the Catarina 700’s short 763mm leg and 130mm depth shelf, means that you can not only have your dream gas fire, but also have your TV safely mounted above, without posing any risk to it or your neck in the process.

In this installation we teamed up:

  • Catarina 700 Fireplace Suite in Portuguese Limestone
  • Gazco Riva 500 Conventional Flue Gas Fire with Black Glass Chamber and Log Fuel Effect

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