Corradi Maestrale Sun Sails

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Corradi Maestrale Sun Sails

The perfect alchemy of rectangle shade sails

Maestrale Sun Sails: enveloping Hi-Tech exclusivity

The “prince of winds” is the inspiration for the most versatile of the rectangle shade sails in the Sun Sails line: Maestrale, a freestanding sun sail equipped with 4 poles, where water and air come together.

In fact Maestrale (Mistral) has not only taken its name from the wind, but also its substance: its sails are produced in Dacron® or Tempotest® Starlight®, polyester fabrics designed specifically for sail boats for which the air is the main engine. Light and elegant, like a boat pushed by the wind, Maestrale follows its currents in perfect harmony with the variations of the weather and taste.

Cut in radial panels, the sails in fact guarantee maximum resistance and the highest tension, factors that significantly affect the performance of the product in any wind condition. But it is in the material itself that we find that affinity to the marine world that makes all Corradi sun sails unique: In fact, Maestrale is produced with technology typical of the nautical sector, of which it retains the mechanisms, functionality and aesthetics.

A good example is the method used to tension sails, where the spring is inserted inside the sail tensioning pole, so all you need to do is act on the hoist (the system of rope and blocks commonly used on boats) accessible through an opening in the pole. By tensioning the spring, the hoist can support the weight of the sail. The positioning of the spring inside the pole also has benefits in terms of safety: if there is a strong wind the sail raises or lowers.

But the spirit of a true alchemist of the outdoor world – which Corradi has always embodied – has gone much further: not only air and water, but also earth and fire find wonderful and wise expression in Maestrale. The 4 stainless steel poles on which the structure is mounted are electropolished to a mirror finish to ensure a high resistance to corrosion and exposure to weather, and combine with their anchors to support the sail in a circuit of energy that runs from the ground up to the apex. Moreover, the sail absorbs the warmth of the sun, protecting even against the hottest rays, while the fire-retardant version in Tempotest®Starlight® is designed to withstand even direct flames.

Rectangle shade sails: with Maestrale 113 different possible configurations

Safety and extreme versatility, therefore, as confirmed by the many shapes of the structure and the sun sail: rectangular, square or diamond, with 90° angles. In fact, Maestrale offers all the advantages of a standard product but has been designed to reach up to 113 different configurations that can satisfy many different needs, without having to resort to custom sun shade sails.

The movement of the sails was designed to offer maximum functionality: opened and closed thanks to the motor positioned inside the furling profile, the sails can be easily managed by remote control or manually in case of blackout. Also available in a totally manual variant, on the motorised version the sails are closed by a single motor inserted in the roller pole, which guarantees:

  • Very simple wiring
  • Complete uniformity in the rolling of the sails
  • Extremely compact roller tube

Furthermore, its anemometer triggers automatic closure of the sails in case of strong wind.

Configurations, technology and colours: Maestrale offers so many different variables. Particularly refined in light shades, it takes on a touch of personality if selected in darker shades like grey, black and burgundy. State-of-the-art technology combined with unusual colours and optional LED spotlights make Maestrale rectangle shade sails authentic mobile architectures that can create original and surprising settings because they are adaptable to any context and taste. Ideal for giving every moment the colour, atmosphere and space it deserves. As always with your own personal style.

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