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Corradi Defense Sun Sails

The most iconic of the water-resistant sun sails

Defense is the most iconic of the water-resistant sun sails by Corradi. Like Maestrale and Scirocco, the other two waterproof shade sails, Defense was also inspired by the nautical world because it is produced with the most refined and advanced materials typically used at sea. Made of stainless steel and equipped with an adjustable sail, Defense features not only components used on boats, but also the technology, and, above all, the philosophy: while light and ethereal in appearance, it is in fact solid and durable.

Freestanding or wall-mounted, it has two sails that wrap around a horizontal profile in both versions. On the freestanding model, the horizontal profile is supported by a shaped pole, with a satin finish and singular design. Precisely this element, patented for its unprecedented line and innovative aesthetic quality, earned Defense a mention among the 100 objects most representative of design Made in Italy. In fact, thanks to the soft – yet decisive – bend that gathers the canvas, the freestanding variant of Defense remaps the world of water-resistant sun sails, transforming a technical support into the most distinctive element of the entire product.

Defense can be installed directly on the ground thanks to specially designed plinths or on the base in glossy stainless steel with a mirror effect that, by reflecting its surroundings, makes the base disappear allowing it to go perfectly with any setting. The square ballastable base, equipped with a special cover, also ensures the full stability of the sail that remains firmly on the ground even in case of bad weather. The geometry of the self-supporting Defense is completed by waterproof shade sails that, divided into two triangular modules, project a shadow with squared borders in a suspended balance of shapes and matter.

When mounted on a wall, Defense uses a stainless steel bracket. By combining multiple sails you can create evocative compositions with minimal anchors.

Defense Sun Sail: style and design Made in Italy

Once opened, the sail can be turned 360° in the self-supporting version and 90° in the wall-mounted version, ideal for those who want to follow the sun, letting themselves be surrounded by the wind and its unpredictable trajectories. To close it, just wind it up in a few seconds either manually or with a remote control: in this configuration, the sail is also equipped with an anemometer for automatic closure in the event of strong winds. We like to call it “intelligent technology”, the same we used to design the standard canvas. In fact, in both the freestanding and the wall-anchored version the canvas is made of Dacron®, a woven polyester of nautical origin (subjected to a protective treatment against UV rays) with horizontal panels for extremely clean lines, or radial panels for an unrivalled performance.

Structure, materials, finishes, details: the nautical world and Defense are one and the same. Besides the sail and its materials, every detail of this sun sail is reminiscent of boats: from the metal spring hooks to the central pole (almost like a mast bent by the air or water) and support system. No knots or ropes, but rather an ingenious system of thin wires under tension that give stability to the whole structure while at the same time making it flexible and adaptable to any setting.

Available in two different sizes – 290 x 290 cm (Model 11) and 340 x 340 cm (model 14), like other water-resistant sun sails – Defense can also be fitted with LED lighting: because the perfect shade is also created by moonlight.

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