Installing ‘hole in the wall’ Electric Fires

Hole in the wall electric fires are a fantastic addition to any living room, specifically for those of us who don’t have a working chimney, a gas point which is accessible in the property or if you simply want to create a minimalist look in your living room. Over the last number of years manufacturers have therefore invested significant amounts of time and money into developing their electric fire range as traditionally their design and function was extremely poor quality putting many of us (myself included) off purchasing one.

Currently however we have leading manufacturers such as Gazco with its new Skope range which incorporates undulating flame visuals on a bed of realistic coals and logs combined with the very latest LED technology allowing you to choose from an array of colours to set the perfect ambience. Then we have Dimplex with its fantastic new range of Opti-myst fires which present a heart warming illusion with authentic flame with fine water mist creating a smoke effect.  Another leading example is the Evonic E-Series which also makes full use of the latest LED technology and log effect fuel bed. Like the Skope range it also comes in an array of designs and sizes including a double sided fire.

This is a far cry from the days of old as the Thermostatically Programmable Remote Controls’s stunning visuals are truly fantastic in these contemporary models however there are some drawbacks which must be considered before you rush out to put down a deposit.

The most important factor to consider is that hole in the wall electric fires are primarily designed to fit into a false chimney breast, as you will see in many of the glossy magazines. The reason for this is that the engine of the electric fire is generally much larger than the visual screen that you are left with at the end. This has contributed to many a grey hair on our installers as with a frame-less option it is much easier to plaster board up to the edge of the frame rather than attempt to plaster onto a metal unit (If anyone knows how to do this please do share!). This may seem insignificant however many our our customers here are Rigby’s are aware of the fact’s before they enquire and we never want to see a customer disappointed in their quest for the stunning centrepiece they desire.

Nevertheless, the options available today are enormous in comparison to those even within the last decade hence the reason for their surge in popularity. If you would like to find out more information please don’t hesitate to contact us or have a look at our range of ‘hole in the wall’ electric fires on offer.