What are the Benefits of a Bio Ethanol Fire?

For many years Bio Ethanol fires were frowned upon in the fireplace industry due to their poor build quality, lack of heat output and unpleasant odour given off by cheap bio fuels. However, more recently the bio ethanol fire market has experienced a resurgence for a number of factors and is fast becoming  one of the hottest sellers in the market and the latest must have in fireplace installations both domestically and commercially.

This therefore is a simple 5-step guide to what the benefits of Bio Ethanol fires are and why you should consider installing one in your property:

  • Practicality- Many new or existing homeowners often find that due to the nature of their house that their fireplace options are limited. This may be a result of several factors such as lack of chimney breast, no gas supply, fireplace on internal wall, living in an apartment/flat. Therefore customers are unable to have a functioning fireplace in their living room which provides the aesthetics of a real fire. Bio Ethanol fires however, provide the opportunity of having a real flame effect without having to undertake any large structural works to your property or the need for any gas or electrical supply.
  • Flexibility- In relation to their electric and gas counterparts Bio Ethanol fires are easily the most diverse with a huge array of products designed to suit any style or property. Within its range you have the option of a bio-ethanol inset burner which can be added to a traditional fire basket or arch, or contemporary burners can be installed into false chimneys to provide a much coveted ‘hole in the wall’ look. Additionally there are numerous designer freestanding bio-ethanol fires which have the added flexibility of both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Quality- The quality in design and build in the latest bioethanol ranges to hit the markets is evidently clear. All products sold by ourselves are made from Grade 304 Stainless Steel or Fireboxes in black are finished in hi-temp black paint thus preventing rusting. Furthermore all designer fireplaces are constructed with fluid concrete and toughened glass technology thus making them extremely durable yet lightweight, allowing you to relocate your fire with ease.
  • Environmentally friendly- There is a huge government emphasis upon collectively reducing our carbon footprint and as we have stressed many times to our customers we are fully on-board and will do everything we can to help along the way.  Bio-ethanol fires use an environmentally friendly, renewable energy source that burns clean whilst delivering a warming heat. Therefore you and your guests will be able to enjoy that ambience and tranquility of a real fire without the hassles of burning real wood i.e. nor more embers, ash soot and unwanted smoke.
  • Cost- It is no secret that quality bioethanol burners and freestanding fires can be expensive there are a number of key factors that need to be taken into account before you are completely turned off. Firstly in comparison to electric, gas and solid fuel options bioethanol fires do not require any form of annual servicing or chimney sweeping. Secondly, their high quality design protect them from weather (outdoor), rust and spills. They are also highly durable as previously mentioned. Thirdly, compared to gas and solid fuel fires, burning bioethanol is environmentally friendly and therefore not facing any government restrictions thus forcing you to change your fire anytime soon. Finally, the cost of quality bioethanol fuel is roughly £25-£30 for 12 litres which depending on the environment and burner will last up to 30 hours, equivalent to £1 per hour!

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Finally, to prove our point we have added a very short video below of one of our Bio Ethanol burners in action. Enjoy!